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Innovative Solutions for Executive Benefits

Innovative Solutions for Executive Benefits

Administration Services:

A Sophisticated Combination of Experience, Knowledge and Leading Edge Technology

Life Insurance Administration

Plans funded with corporate owned life insurance (COLI) are administered on an aggregate funding basis, with premium payments and transfers structured to minimize insurance purchases and transaction costs.

Karr Barth has developed a truly unique life insurance valuation system that enables us to provide our clients with instantaneous, accurate cash value information. Our systems are completely maintained by our in-house staff of programmers, with absolutely no reliance on third parties. This allows KBA to generate monthly or quarterly aggregate financial reporting within the first few days after the end of each accounting period. Reporting includes journal entries for insurance policies, asset/liability valuation, and detailed account-by-account itemization of cash values. Since we produce valuations independently from the life insurance carriers, KBA can verify the accuracy of carrier transactions and take corrective action when necessary. KBA also provides general insurance administrative services, including: