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Innovative Solutions for Executive Benefits

Innovative Solutions for Executive Benefits

Informed Attention to:

Plan Design, Installation & Administration

Leading Edge Information Management

Karr Barth provides clients with continuous updates on benefit plans and funding arrangements. Furthermore, we offer timely briefings on the effects of tax, accounting and legal developments. In this way, we assist our clients by creating and consistently maintaining cost-effective benefit plans and funding techniques.

Customized Plan Design: In the design phase, we work with the corporation to determine objectives and develop the appropriate benefits and funding arrangements, paying particular attention to cost effectiveness, benefit security and balance sheet impact.

Plan Funding: Karr Barth recommends corporations pre-fund their benefit plans. While pay-as-you-go funding can pass substantial unfunded liabilities to future generations of management, pre-funding is a responsible fiscal approach that, when properly designed, can be implemented at a lower initial expense than unfunded arrangements.

Plan Installation: Once the appropriate funding method is selected, we oversee plan communication and enrollment, product placement, documentation and coordination of all corporate departments.

Plan Administration: The success of any non-qualified benefit program depends upon its ongoing administration. Karr Barth understands that these plans are offered to your most senior employees, for whom "high touch", customized service is essential. Additionally, proactive and timely communication with Financial and Human Resources departments is constantly maintained.